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Customized Software to Make Your Business Run Better

Imagine how your business would flourish if it had its own dedicated IT team. Think of the convenience, the creative potential, and the profits to be made if you could quickly and easily get customized software that exactly fits your business needs.

Logisys can be your information technology division.

We develop ecommerce software, business automation products and other customized software applications for businesses that need technical services but aren’t ready for their own in-house IT department with all the costs and complications involved.

Logisys is the logical solution. We give you the tools you need to increase your efficiency and profitability. To make your business run better.

Supply Chain Management / Business Automation Services / Legacy Migration
Custom Software / Maintenance Programs

Supply Chain Management and eCommerce

Moving your business into the ecommerce arena involves many factors. You need to consider selling, order taking, delivery, inventory control, warehouse management, affiliate tracking, invoicing, 24/7 customer relationship management (CRM) and so much more.

With Logisys supply chain management, those details are taken care of so you can get on with running your business.

We use the Auric Platform, which Logisys created to be highly adaptable to each client’s needs. Auric integrates seamlessly with your existing system and provides you with advanced ecommerce features at an affordable cost.

The Benefits to Your Business:

o A smooth sales and distribution channel between you and your customers
o More satisfied customers, fewer complaints and lost sales
o Less costly than an in-house IT team
o Greater market share and profitability

Auric can be customized precisely to your company’s needs so you get exactly the features you require – no more and no less. Then, as your business grows, your Logisys software solution grows with it.

Contact us to discuss how we can create your customized supply chain management system.

Business Automation Services

Yes, there is a way to do all those mundane, time-consuming office tasks faster… with the help of Logisys automation services.

We will replace your existing system with more efficient, automated data control that’s customized specifically for your business requirements. This allows you to capture more information, prevent errors, mine your data more deeply and cut costs.

Email us to find out how a small investment in automation software today can save you time and money over many tomorrows.

Legacy Systems Migration

Don’t let your investment in outdated legacy technology and all of its accumulated data keep you from moving ahead. The new PC systems are faster, more flexible and easier to maintain than the old mainframes. Our qualified consultants can safely migrate your data to the new system AND incorporate a solution to manage that data.

Logisys has years of experience handling data migration, interfacing and encapsulation. You can trust us to transfer your valuable data to state of the art technology. Contact us for more information.

Custom PC and Web-Based Software Solutions

You know what you want your business software to do but you don’t know how to build it. Logisys takes your concepts and turns them into programs that will help you conquer your greatest business challenges.

We use Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques to quickly develop your new software system so you can start using it sooner. And faster development time gives you a competitive advantage. Contact us to find out how fast we can create your new software solution.

Maintenance Programs

Not every business can afford to have its own technology department. If you need an offsite IT team to maintain your computer network, Logisys can step in to provide regular maintenance or on-call services, depending on your requirements.

Free Consultation

We’re happy to offer a free consultation at your business. Get in touch with us today about any of the services you see here. Let’s talk about how together we can make your business run better!


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