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C-Bot Train & Test

It’s time for your annual review or pehaps a state, federal or independant re-certification. Are your training records up to date? In most business environments today, employee awareness, training, and certifications take a back seat to the daily presuress of running a business. Unintentionally, you may be short changing your staff or, worst yet, violating company or government regulations.

C-BOT (Computer Based Online Training) Training Manager is an automated self-paced, multilingual, employee development and certification solution. C-BOT tracks OSHA, State, and Federal required training as well as Company and Profesional training and certifications. We offer this product with currently developed training modules in general industry safety, office safety, OSHA regulations, etc. Custom modules can be developed for any presentation level training which can be evaluated with visual, multiple choice, or true/false testing.

Network Installations
Network installations place all training modules and administration databases on a network drive for added security and flexibility. Students have independent, simultaneous access from any network pc equipped with the C-BOT student user access installation. Availability can be confined to a classroom or expanded to your whole facility. The portable platform installation allows current data to be downloaded to a laptop and transported to a remote location for training. Once completed the information can be uploaded back to the network.

The Basics
Training modules are grouped together in natural combinations that allow progressive training. The main menu provides students a list of available training modules. Each module displays the student’s cumulative training time, most recent test score and certification status. Once the minimum training time is met, the student will be allowed access to the module test.

Test questions are randomly selected from a question databank. Where possible, the order of answers is also random to eliminate test memorization. The test displays remaining test time, question count, and the number of questions answered. Students can review and change answers until test time has elapsed. Tests will be graded and recorded upon completion of test.

The Administrator maintains the student database and records. All training and testing activity is recorded for each student. The information is processed and available for review online or through various report options.

Training Development
The optional Module Manager adds the ability to develop your own custom training and test modules for in-house use or distribution to your own customers. Some possibilities include: police, EMT or nurse training and certification, home correspondence courses, college extension courses or home schooling, etc.

Training slides are created in a presentation package such as PowerPoint or Macromedia. The completed presentation is imported by Module Manager into one of the previously assigned Series categories. Once imported, sound files are imported and assigned to each presentation slide. Modules are selected and burned onto a customer installation CD for distribution.

Basic Features
• Independent, simultanious student access to available training modules.
• Installations for stand alone PC, network, and portable platforms.
• Multilingual capability.
• Password protected access.
• Each module has a minimum training time before testing is allowed.
• Cumulative student training time is displayed for each module.
• Support for visual, multiple choice, and true/false questions.
• Questions are randomly selected from a bank.
• Order of answers are randomly selected to prevent test memorization.
• Module selected time limit for tests.
• Student has complete test review capability during testing.
• Test displays the number of questions answered & remaining test time.
• Immediate grading upon completion of the test.
• Prints qualification certificates upon successful completion of test.
• Modules display re-certification dates where required.
• Comprehensive training and testing history available for each student.
• Custom training packages can be designated for each student.
• Progress reports for individuals and groups.
• Optional custom reports available.

Optional Development Features
• Modules can be imported, previewed, and modified as required.
• Creation of Customer Installation media for distribution.
• New modules or upgrades can be easily added to existing installations.
• Any combination of Series may be included for customer installation.


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