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Primidium Workforce Solution

Primidium is a fully integrated, performance driven, contact center workforce management system. Providing built-in agent performance evaluation, forecasting and performance based scheduling, it can become the centerpiece of your workforce management process. It is your business, the way it should be.

Currently, you are using five different applications. Each one of them is state of the art, but none will talk. You spend hours in Excel®. Where is that information you need from the call router?

So much for automation.

Primidium is constructed on an industry standard platform with easily customizable interfaces to any and all of your data. This information is seamlessly blended to provide you with the big picture for making important decisions.

It’s 5:00pm. Your call volume is up 28%, and the abandon call rate is through the roof. The numbers said you have enough staff. You don’t.

Was there something you missed?

Full integration means less error. All your information is in one place, so an answer can be as close as a single click. And with the added speed Primidium provides, you have the luxury of examining different “What if?” Scenarios to make sure you have all the bases covered. Now that’s resource leverage.

You have the best schedule possible for your available staff. All the necessary skill sets are represented. Your customers expectations are being met with virtually no abandoned calls.

Welcome to Primidium.

• Industry Standard Platform
• Custom Interfaces to Existing Systems
• Integrated Agent Monitoring and Performance
• Performance Based Scheduling
• Identifies Agent Deficiencies for Needed Training
• Reconfigurable Scheduling Algorithm
• Call Volume Forecasting
• Online Agent Initiated Schedule Change Requests
• Flexible Scoring Scales

• Order Entry and Product Knowledge Based Integration
• TAPI/TCI Call Switch Integration
• Human Resource Data Integration



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