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Auric SCM eCommerce

Auric SCM is the e-Commerce solution that offers all the advanced features both you and your customers need. It makes the online shopping process enjoyable and easy while giving you and your staff access to all the back-end data you need to monitor, analyze, and develop your business.

Our approach to site design is cost-effective — we put most of your sales information into a high performance database as opposed to displaying it on individual web pages, which are expensive and time-consuming to maintain.

And because we use Dynamic HTML (DHTML), your catalog can be created with only a limited number of web pages required . So even when your database of products grows, your web catalog remains a manageable size.

Best of all, since Auric is expandable and customizable, features can be added and changed as your company evolves.


Auric SCM Features

You can choose from all these features to customize your Auric SCM e-Commerce package to suit your needs.

Product Coding: Groups of products can be color-coded/size-coded to associate discounts or extra charges with them.

Featured Products: Selected products appear in a featured area to give them extra marketing exposure.

Search Feature: All items in your catalog can be searched by their description, name and stock unit identification, allowing customer to find items even if they don’t know the names.

Simplified Repeat Purchasing: Auric records all purchasing information in both your database and on the customer’s computer. Using cookies, this information can be instantly retrieved on the customer’s next visit, eliminating the need to retype address and credit card information. Customers who do not wish to use this technology can get password-protected access to their information.

Related Product Links: Our inventory management system allows for the linking of products that are considered complementary or related. When your customers view a page, they will be shown links to products that would enhance their current purchase. For example, the system would generate a link to batteries on the page for an electronic item.

Customer Suggestions: Using collected data, Auric can suggest products based on your customers’ past purchasing behavior. The customer viewing a product page would be presented with links to products that have shown to be the most popular additional purchases among buyers of that item. Auric can also offer acceptable substitutes if the selected item is unavailable.

Gift Certificates: Auric allows your customers to buy gift certificates online for any dollar value and send them to a recipient who can then redeem them at your web site. Their purchases are processed automatically without the need for manual intervention.

Payment Methods: Your customers can pay using all standard online payment methods with the added convenience of being able to use company purchase orders if you desire .

Affiliate Tracking: Affiliate vendors who refer customers to your web site are identified through the use of promotional codes or unique hyperlinks. A special report can be generated that displays the total sales activity for a given vendor.

Streaming Audio and Video: Multimedia features such as streaming audio or video are built into your catalog’s capabilities. As your company turns to new technologies, these features can easily be activated on your site.

Auctions: Auric allows bidding on single or multiple items at auction. Ideal for occasional “loss leader” auctions to increase your site traffic or to clear out overstocked merchandise.  

Reasons Why Your Customers Will Keep Coming Back

Customers can:

  • Create wish lists
  • Shop with gift certificates
  • Search for catalog items easily and quickly
  • Bid for your products at auction
  • Quickly view best-selling products, recently viewed products, and recent searches
  • Be identified to get company-wide discounts
  • See a summary of their purchases on each page in a mini shopping cart
  • Shop from anywhere in the world


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